Welcome to the Activman application!

By using the Activman application (hereafter the Application) you agree with the Terms of Use (hereafter the Terms) as well as their future revisions.

The Terms may periodically be updated or changed after which all the changes shall be published on the Activman application. The Application is property of the company „Activity centar“ Sports Association situated at 15/22 Ulofa Palmea Street, Zvezdara, 11060 Belgrade, Serbia (hereafter the Activity Center).

I Service Description

The Application is intended for individuals.

The user of the Application is the person who gave permission to the Activman application to use the personal information and authorization data defined when the Application was downloaded from the appropriate app store (Android and iOS platforms).

The Application enables its users to use the services provided by the Activity Center, and are defined by the Terms.

By using this Application, the user agrees for their personal information to be stored, processed and potentially modified.

The usage is intended exclusively for a non-commercial, personal use, private services and access.

The service of using the Application itself is free of charge.

Using the Application

The user uses the Application and the Internet solely at their own risk. The Internet is a world wide web of commercially and non-commercially connected computers and other devices, which the Activman application does not control but is merely connected to, therefore it cannot guarantee the availability of services over which it has no direct control.

By using the content of this Application the user agrees to (I) all risks which may arise from the usage of said content, and (II) that the content of this Application shall be used exclusively for personal use and at their own risk.

The user is bound to do everything in their power to prevent anyone from taking possession of their device through which they access the Application and use its content, as well as prevent an unauthorised access to their personalized account on the Application.

The Activity Center will not be liable for any damage caused by an unauthorized use of the device connected to the Application or any unauthorized access to the user’s personal information.

II Limitation of Liability

The Activity Center disclaims any and all liability (I) that may arise by using the Application or is connected with the use of the Application in any way, (II) it futher disclaims any and all liability for any actions of the user using or abusing the content of the Application, and also (III) for any damage that may be caused to the user or any third party and is directly or indirectly connected to using or abusing the content of the Application.

III User Privacy Policy

The Activity Center is bound to respect the anonymity and privacy of the Application’s user.

The Activity Center can collect the user’s personal information, such as name, surname, email and phone number, only if the user provides said information voluntarily. The Activity Center will use the aforementioned data solely for the purpose of having a better insight when it comes to the individual needs and requirements of the user, and their understanding, as well as to better provide all services of the Application to the user’s sattisfaction.

The Activity Center is bound not to make the provided information available to any third parties.

IV Copyright

The documents, data and information published on the Application may be used only for the individual needs of the user with respect to all copyright and proprietary rights as well as the rights of third parties.

V Final Regulations

Application Updates and Modifications

The Activity Center reserves the right to change the content of the Application without any special notice to the user, therefore it shall not be liable for any consequences resulting from such changes.


The relationship between the user and the Actvity Center is regulated by the positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia. The court in Belgrade is competent for all mutual disputes that cannot be resolved by agreement.

User Deletion

In case you want to delete all of your user data contact us via mail

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