How to buy a panther

We have been raising exotic animals dating back to 2010. Buy exotic cubs and be a lucky customer by sharing the experience of owning an exotic pet. It’s totally understandable that people ask if they can own one when they see famous persons with their wild and exotic pets.

You can fully research, get set-up, and then purchase a juvenile. So, the argument that buying an egg gives the buyer time to research is an after-the-fact pro. As a long time educator in the community I would much prefer the impulse buy of an egg rather than a chameleon, but that is comparing two undesirables. Being the second to worst choice is not a bragging right. If you are in the decision making stage then the delayed hatching time not a relevant consideration.

Even though they are cute today, they will be dangerous in the future once they grow up. You can own a pet panther if you have managed to get a permit to own one. However, even though you have managed to have a permit, you will never maintain or take care of them as the zoos and reservations do. The Florida panther is listed as endangered since 1967 and once there were only 25 individuals living in the wild. While the population is now growing again we still must protect the species.

Buying a Panther

I bet it won’t be in your budget to buy several kilos of fresh meat every day. Additionally, not everyone wants to deal with and a thing like processed panther food doesn’t exist so you wouldn’t have a choice. You can’t keep them together with other pets as they are very territorial and won’t accept any other being in their habitat. All the things you need for an habitat will take into account too.

  • Black and white panthers usually live in tropical rainforests of South and Southeast Asia.
  • Of course, there is a way around and you can get a special permit for keeping panthers but for most people, this is out of reach.
  • This housing area for your panther should be clean with interesting toys and climbing obstacles.
  • The panther chameleon species is just an incredible chameleon all around.

I haven’t seen any panther chameleon egg advertising that sells off of the female coloration. I mentioned the pro that buying an egg gives the buyer time to research and put together a proper set-up. This is a false pro because that is only a benefit for me as an educator. Saying that an impulse purchase of an egg is better than an impulse purchase of a juvenile is not a compelling argument.


The only thing stopping you from being wildly successful and having a great experience is knowing the care and being ready for when the egg hatches. And to those who have made it to this point, the truth is that it isn’t hard if you do it right. Thinking that raising a hatchling is easy will hurt you only if you take that as an excuse to be lazy, skimp on the research, and just expect it to happen.

They require large amounts of high-quality raw meat, bones, and carcasses in order to remain healthy. Like all animals, Panthers will get bored of not stimulated and need a variety of toys to keep them entertained. There are no known sightings of this cat anywhere in the world. Unconfirmed sightings are attributed to wrong classifications of the species. Cats love to play with you and most of them like to be petted. The instincts of a wild animal exist still in them and you never know when they get out of control.

How to buy a panther

The second breed of cat that looks like a panther is the Burmese cat. Burmese cats can be colored brown, blue, chocolate, cream and brown, and chocolate and lilac tortie. Our ancestors in the past usually eat the meat of panthers. Panthers are afraid of humans, and they avoid humans.

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The housing will need enclosures so the panther has a safe secure place and get out of the elements. I know you can’t get one at your place this way but you do something good for a beautiful endangered wild species. It would be highly unethical to own a panther of any kind as a pet. There is a huge difference between domestication and taming. While panthers can be tamed by experts, it needs many generations of selective breeding to domesticate an animal.

  • Building an enclosure capable of holding such a super-agile master of stealth as a leopard or jaguar is a) difficult and b) expensive, as is providing them with an appropriate diet.
  • Yes, they fall asleep in the dark of the box, but that is still quite the bumpy night.
  • A mother panther that has cubs will eat more than that.
  • Wild animals like panthers retain their natural instincts, regardless of how they are raised.

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Top exchanges where I can buy Panther Protocol?

Due to the amount of work required to handle an animal of this calibre,  buy ammo online, we will only sell to customers who can properly care for these Panther Cub / Black Panther Cub. Due to the amount of work required to handle an animal of this calibre, we will only sell to customers who can properly care How to buy a panther for these Panther Cub / Black Panther Cub. As you can imagine large animals need a lot of space. Of course, this is also true for black panthers and have already mentioned it. I have a problem when getting an egg is seen as cheaper or easy. Those are the wrong motivations to come to chameleon keeping with.

Wildlife and Habitats

Keeping this big cat as a “pet” obviously comes with more than a few risks and, therefore, responsibilities. Panthers can be pets if you have managed to get a license permit. We humans should help each other to preserve these animals, not change them for who they are not. This is also one of the reasons why the governments prevent people from having a pet panther. Humans are the main threat to the survival of the panthers. Their population is shrinking along with their habitats.

You will have everything you need and so all that is left is for you to make a highly educated decision as for what is best for you. The deceptive pro is that it is cheaper to buy an egg. While, on the surface it is correct, the upfront cost is lower in monetary terms, you have to ask what you gave up to get that savings in money. Remember all those protections that the breeder took on to be able to provide you with a well started juvenile?

Considering how many people have problems with juveniles and even adults, hatchlings deserve a second thought. But you need to be aware of what taking on a hatchling will mean for you. Some breeders in Africa and Asia offer black panthers for prices from 900 to 2000$. However, it would be difficult to ship the cubs to the US as the local laws still prohibit them in the states.

Yes, it may look cheap compared to other exotic animals. However, their needs are the ones that will burn your money down. However, It is illegal to have a panther as a pet in most countries. The reason why is that a panther is a dangerous and aggressive animal that can kill people and other pets.

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